David Raynor

In the last four years David has won over 30 International awards for his short films and a number of the cast and crew have also managed award status. “This is why I make films”. David said. Winning awards is the recognising that the cast and crew put in the hours for the love of film. “This is very self-satisfying for me’.

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David Raynor is a writer, director and producer of pertinent stories.

David's latest film, ‘We Need To Talk’, a 42 minute short film, about trying to prevent youth suicide, a topic that he has handled with the thoughtfulness and integrity such a topic requires, is being developed into a feature film in 2018. Also in 2018 another feature will be produced with a French Noir classic overtone titled ‘ Ubiquitous’. David’s passion for his film work is inspiring as he commits himself to each project with a keen eye and natural ability, with admirable results.