The Novel

We Need To Talk

Written by Sally-Anne Ward
Original Screenplay by David M Raynor

This is a young adult novel aimed at highlighting the need to talk and communicate effectively with each other to help raise awareness to youth bullying, mental health issues and suicide.
We follow the story of Bree, a teenager who appears to have it all together but is the victim of constant bullying that affects Bree so deeply with depression and anxiety that she tragically takes her own life.
We look at the aftermath of those she left behind and at where she sits in the spirit world now. Its not all doom and gloom in the novel as the Spirit Angel or God, as some people prefer, has a sense of humour about him.
If we can have an effect, open lines of communication or help one person connect in a much needed way to save even just one life we will deem our mission a success.
Based on original screenplays written by David Raynor, who has also directed and produced a multi-international award winning short film of the same title, and original novel adapted by Sally-Anne Ward. Both David and Sally-Anne have handled the topic with utmost respect and the delicacy such a topic deserves as they have thoroughly researched the issue and also have experience with loved ones who have fought, are fighting or have succumbed to mental health illness.
*trigger warning*
Parts of this novel are raw, real and may upset some readers, please if this occurs, reach out for support, it is not our intention to cause upset, we just want to bridge the gap we have found to be missing.
Our motto in We Need To Talk is that we need to love and take care of each other. Let’s do that, share our love and care with those around us.

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